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Things change for the better when we take responsibility for our own thoughts, decisions and actions.

— Eric Thomas

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ready to transform your life? HeroStyle is an inspirational and motivational coaching platform for all of those that are challenged by the obstacles of life. Let Dr. Steve, our head coach, through one of his talks, or coaching sessions provide you with strategies, tools, insight, inspiration, and motivation to achieve success.

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Achieve Success with Coaching From Dr. Steve!

Dr. Steve's HeroStyle is a solution based coaching and speaking platform designed to provide you with tried and tested principles, tools, motivation, and inspiration to achieve excellence. With his coaching you will begin to realize high performance from yourself and those around you; take the chances, and be the first in your group to become a Hero. The hero's journey is not easy; however, it is worth it.

To summarize, Dr. Steve takes ordinary people and shows them how to overcome the overwhelming challenges they face on their epic journey to success.


HeroStyle is proud of our satisfied heroes

  • Gave Me The Strength To Overcome
    S.U. , Client

    Strength to Overcome Needed the strength to overcome. I was at my lowest dealing with a narcissist. Steve was there for me during the hardest time in my life. He spent day and night giving... S.U. Client

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  • Thank You For The Best Day Ever
    M.A., Client

    Thank You For The Best Day Ever After I really thought about some of the things you said to me and I took them to heart. I had the best day I have had in... M.A. Client

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